Dear Sir/Madam,


My name is Carolina Macedo and I work with foreign trade business specialized in import procedures in Brazil. I'm here to introduce my service in order to assist your brazilian customers.


As you know, the Brazilian Customs is extremely strict and have a lot of red-tape. It requires specific knowledge for those who want to export goods to Brazil.


I suppose that many brazilians customers are interested in acquiring your products. But, for example, products with values above USD 3,000 cannot enter in Brazil by courier. And if it´s huge or fragile isn’t  recommend travel as baggage. The only option would be through formal import, which requires someone with knowledge.


My service aims to simplify these procedures, assisting and guiding the importer (your customer) at all issues (documentary and procedural). To facilitate your sales, since the import procedure might sounds like an obstacle to the customer.


If you are interested, you can indicate my service for your brazilians customers. The values would be in accordance with the service provided.


If you have any question, contact me by e-mail:


Yours faithfully,


Carolina Macedo.